WorksheetMaker Version 6.01


This page contains the latest release of WorksheetMaker (WSM).  Version 6.01.17 is contained in a zip file (see below).  This version supports the recent final report on the risk assessment for borates.


The contents of the ZIP file are described in the documentationDo not left-click on the ZIP file.  Download the ZIP file with a right-mouse click and select the download open from the popup that is displayed.  Depending on your operating system, the download option will be something like Save Target AsNote that you must unzip the distribution file before attempting to run WorksheetMaker.

This page also contains Version 1.03 of the utility for adding pesticides and formulations to the WSM database.  The download is a zip file that contains a single MS Word file.  Just download and then unzip the zip file to use the utility.


Documentation for WorksheetMaker is in WorksheetMaker 6.01 User Guide.pdf, which can be downloaded below.  This file is somewhat large (about 1.5 MB) and could take a while to load if you double click on the file with the left-mouse button and have a slow Internet connection.  You may want to download this full documentation with a right-mouse click.

Document Library

DocumentQuickStart.pdfA brief overview for getting started.
DocumentDocumentationUser Guide for Version 6.01
DocumentRelease NotesShort notes on the releases of WSM
DocumentZip file with Version 6.01.17Place in a clean directory and unzip.
DocumentAdding PesticidesVersion 1.03 of the utility for adding pesticides and formulations to WSM. Just unzip to use.